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Black Toothbrush Club - 12 Month Subscription

Get a brand new black toothbrush once per month for a year, delivered right to you, right on time!

Dentists say you should change your toothbrush out every four-to-six weeks, or after an illness, so let us handle the task of remembering that for you!

Great as a gift (we'll include a hand-written gift card for free, if you like)!

Our black toothbrushes are made in the USA from durable black plastic (the color ain't ever gonna wash off) which dutifully stands up to some pretty intense toof scrubbing. Atop the brush is a classic teardrop-shaped bristle head jampacked with solid-black bristles that are soft on the gums but pack some punch against whatever needs to be stripped off of your chompers. The price is nice, too.

Each black toothbrush is 100% made right here in America. Each black toothbrush arrives handsomely packaged and individually sealed in cellophane for your delight and protection, providing a pain-free package opening experience.


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